Civil Rights Movement Essay

1. Study the civil rights strategies
of Justice Thurgood Marshall, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X.


2. Consider how each
strategy attempted to use American institutions to force an end to the oppressive system of racial
segregation in the Jim Crow South.


3. Determine which civil
rights leader proposed the most effective strategy to implement social change in
the United States during the 1950s and 1960s.


4. Write an argumentative essay that reviews each
strategy and then argues which strategy had the most significant influence
on American society in the 1950s and 1960s.


5. Support your argument by
integrating your ideas with evidence from at least seven sources.

a. at least four of the
primary sources listed below

b. at least three scholarly academic journal
articles or books published by an academic press


6. Your essay should have at least seven paragraphs:

a. Introductory Paragraph: with a thesis sentence at the
end of the paragraph

b. Evidentiary Paragraph: King’s Strategy

c. Evidentiary Paragraph: Malcolm X’s Strategy

d. Evidentiary Paragraph: Marshall’s Strategy

e. Evidentiary Paragraph: discus the shortcomings of the two
strategies not selected

f. Evidentiary Paragraph: support your argument on the
most effective strategy

h. Concluding Paragraph: with a reworded
thesis sentence and call to action