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You have been introduced to a range of contemporary issues and challenges facing police departments. You have learned about the reform process and key reform efforts. Social media influences and shapes the discussions around police practice and policy.
A local community group is holding a community event featuring a documentary filmmaker. They want to include a question-and-answer session. You have been asked to review one of three documentary films and to help draft some questions to ask the filmmaker.
 to complete your assignment:

.Note: A transcript of the documentary is available at: .
Write a 1-page review of the movie for the community group

Include at least 2 examples from the documentary that support review

Create 5 questions for the Q & A Session with the filmmaker 

Include the reason why you believe each is an important question to ask the filmmaker.

Frontline. (2016, June 28). Season 2016: Episode 12 Policing the police [Video]. PBS. 
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