Classification & Reimbursement – price transparency-Order now from

Classification & Reimbursement – price transparency-Order now from
 Price Transparency InitiativesDo they help the average American? (attached files are the screenshot of the book to help answer the questions)
Many states and the federal government have price transparency regulations. The textbook provides examples from the Washington State Hospital Association and New Hampshires HealthCost. Search for additional price transparency examples and review the contents and information provided. After reviewing the sites, prepare an opinion paper (1 page APA format double-spaced).

Do you think price transparency initiatives help the average American better understand the cost and quality of the services at various hospitals?
Is there enough information to help a patient choose the best physician and hospital for treatment?

(the powerpoint attached is just a summary of the chapter, “price transparency part 1,2,3,4” is the pages of the book)
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