Climate justice

Essay 1 will ask you to make any argument you like about a social justice issue or public issue, or any issue you identify. That is, your argument will incorporate a premise(s) and a conclusion concerning a social justice, political, or even current event (we will spend some time developing your argument. It is important that you consider this argument carefully. Whatever you choose to write about, your purpose in this essay is to persuade your reader that the issue you have identified, warrants your concern, and furthermore, warrants your readers concern.

You will need to use at least two (2) pieces of textual information (direct quote, summary, paraphrase) from your source. You can find more sources and have more citations, but only one source is required with two citations. Essentially, this essay asks you to find your own textual evidence that validates your argument. There are no requirement of where these sources come from or what they could be, as long as you find the source credible. Using an academic peer-reviewed source is a very safe place to start you research.

Again, your goal is to persuade your reader of the validity of the argument you set forth. In order to develop this essay, you will need a clear and concise thesis statement and clear analysis of the textual information you find.


Essay Requirements:

  • 4-5 pages in length.
  • A clearly defined and refined thesis statement in the first paragraph.
  • At least two (2) pieces of textual evidence youve found in your research or our readings.
  • Body paragraphs in consisting of a topic sentence, textual evidence and your explanation of that textual evidence.
  • Well-articulated textual analysis of the information youve quoted, paraphrased or summarized.
  • A conclusion that speaks to the significance of your argument.
  • Proper MLA formatting and citation.
  • Proper MLA formatting, citations, and a works cited page. (12pt font, 1″ margins, double spaced, header and title). Use this link to Purdue OWL (Links to an external site.) for more.