Communication: Past and Future

In a 1500-words paper, I would like you to compare and
contrast the communication structures in the Hudson’s Bay Company Case and one
or more of the examples found in .’ In particular I will ask you to focus on the following

  1. Define downward, upward,
    and horizontal communication (see Exhibit 11.4 in textbook chapter) and
    outline the opportunities and challenges associated with these types of
  2. Briefly compare and
    contrast the HBC case with one of the AI cases in terms of their
    communication patterns and how it travels downward, upward and
  3. What are the communication
    norms in the HBC case? What communication norms would have to emerge in
    the AI case?
  4. Compare and contrast the
    role of trust and control in the two cases.
  5. Based on your comparison
    of the two cases discuss what issues we need to consider when designing
    and implementing AI augmented communication structures.