Community Analysis for Juvenile Needs

Explore the Kids Count Data Center
or U.S. Census Data. Provide a 1-2 paragraph summary of your area and
your findings. For example, what are the population demographics and
composition of your area? Then provide 1-2 paragraphs detailing 3-5
recommendations that would practically support a preventive program for
the high risk children in your community based upon your research.
Later, you will use your findings as a component of the Non-Profit
Organization Paper to recognize and evaluate the specific
issues/problems that define the needs of children your community.

This paper must be in a .doc, .pdf, or .rtf format. It should be 4-6
paragraphs in length, including an introduction and conclusion. Your
work should be double-spaced, 12-point standard fonts, with 1 inch
margins all around. The references should be in APA format. This paper
must be your own original work; you are not allowed to turn in an
analysis or summary for this assignment that you have used previously
for another course (even if it is from taking this very course during a
previous session). You are expected to write professionally with correct
spelling, punctuation, and grammar.