Community Assets/Resources.

Before completing your initial post, make sure that you complete this week’s readings on Community Assets/Resources. All communities have strengths and assets. Understanding these strengths and assets is essential to understanding the community as a whole. In this forum, you will be identifying possible strengths, assets, and resources in your selected community for use in your . 
For your initial post, develop a list with a minimum of five (5) critical pieces of information needed for an understanding of the strengths of your community. For each piece of information or variable, include a data source or methods you will use to get this information. You do not need (at this point) to collect the information – just identify it. 
Possible strengths may vary by community. In thinking about possible strengths in your community, consider the question: What pieces of information could tell you that your particular community is “strong”? Rely on your knowledge of the community as well as the readings for the course to this point. Do not include demographic information (population, education levels, income and poverty) on this list of community strengths. Be more specific than this… What could be possible indicators of strength in your selected community?

Community Problems