Company Analysis Part 2

1.    For your assigned firms(Planet Fitness) most recent fiscal year, locate and review the firms annual report, earnings announcement, and/or recorded earnings call that discusses the financial results of the most recent fiscal year.
2.    Write a 2-page business brief on the firms public discussion of its most recent fiscal year results.
a.     Characterize the tone of the discussion and the message it conveys to the investment community.
b.     Discuss the extent to which your assessment of the firms performance in part 1 of the company analysis is consistent with the firms own public description of its results.
c.     In your business brief identify any line items from the financial statements and any financial ratios that are particularly emphasized by the company in its report, announcement, and/or call. Also, to prepare for the requirements of the Team Report, discuss the firms performance in the context of its industry. Identify what you believe are the companys advantages in the marketplace and its strategy to exploit them.

Provided as attachments is the previously written part 1 brief and an excel document with planet fitnesses balance sheet and income statement information. If any other research is needed to complete this assignment feel free to do so.