Company Exploration Research (Microsoft)-Order now from

Company Exploration Research (Microsoft)-Order now from
Be sure to use this article as well as any of the materials on the company’s website.
Microsofts Power BI has been a powerhouse for years, and the company just keeps adding to it. This year, Microsoft introduced Goals in Power BI, a data-driven, collaborative, and adaptable way to measure key business metrics and goals built directly on top of Power BI. Microsoft has also been busy bridging Power BI with its other core business applications, including Dynamics 365, Microsoft Advertising, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Teams, and building out its cloud deployment options through connectors to the Microsoft Azure platform. The combination of Microsofts Power BI and Azure Analytics provide both user-friendly desktop analytics and powerful text and data processing, says Rebecca Wettemann, principal at Valoir. Dickie agrees. Power BI leveraging Azure provides a rich set of capabilities, he says.
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