Comparative Public Adm summarize the main points of reading

25Jan 2022 by


Reading Summaries should summarize the main points of the reading in each module. Think of it like this: what sort of exam essay question would you write that covers the material in the module? And then, answer that question.
Each summary should be 300 to 500 words; graduate students should write summaries that are 700-800 words.
Each essay should practice correct citation (style of your citation can be anything: APA, MLA, APSA, etc). The citations do not count in the word length.
You should use your own words as much as possible and avoid quotations.
Each essay should contain a header with your name and the word count provided by your word processing program and should be submitted in PDF or as a Microsoft word document. Pages or other word processing documents are not as portable. Do not cut and paste text into the box.