Compare & Contrast James Baldwin ” Stranger In The Village” and ” The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society “

    Please Compare and Contrast Two (2) out of the Three (3) essays we have read in class so far: “Stranger in the Village”, “Learning to Read”, and “The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society”.  Discuss what you liked about one, and what you disliked about another, using examples such as: Sentence structure, words used, Use of emotion, lack of emotion, difficulty in understanding, style used, voice of author, length, etc.  Use at least one quote from each essay.  More than one is allowed, but be careful to NOT make it a paper of quotes with none of YOUR voice.

To get an “A”, all you need to do is follow the above direction, and ATTEMPT MLA for the first time.  Mistakes are expected for your first try, but TRY to make as few as possible.  You will be expected to do better for each essay. Complete LACK of any MLA item, will affect your grade,i.e. no works cited page, no quotes, no proper title or MLA Header on the first page, etc.

This doesn’t have to be perfect, since this is my first MLA essay. But I need 3 pages and clearly comparing and contrasting these two stories