Compare the terms diagnosis and prognosis

Written assignment: Create a 2-page paper using the guided questions below for your response. Use 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font. Use APA  format for the title page, references page, and in-text citations for your paper.

Compare the terms diagnosis and prognosis:

A diagnosis is a process of identifying a disease. A prognosis is a forecast of the probable course or outcome of a disorder. A prognosis could be described as an educated best guess based on the diagnosis and other relevant factors such as the patients age and general health.
How is information about both the diagnosis and prognosis important to the patient and to his or her family?
The first question the patient and his or her family usually ask is, What is wrong? This is the diagnosis information that gives the family at least a vague idea of what they are dealing with.
If this is a serious condition, their next question is, How soon will he recover? or Will she get better?
This is the prognosis, which determines the hopes and responses of the family. These are emotionally charged questions, and health care workers must be able to answer them appropriately.
a. What clues would you look for in talking with the family to determine how well they would understand a technically complex answer?
b. Despite the fact that you were asked, it is not always appropriate for you to answer these questions.
In a situation where you should not provide this information, how would you respond to the family? How could you help them?