Comparison in Data Analytics between 2 companies

SUBMISSION: 2000-3000 words including everything (APA- 7 th ed.)


PICK ANY INDUSTRY [May be retail, service, manufacturing] (THINK LIKE BUSINESS ANALYTICS)


For example, Walmart and Costco: Show comparison


Steps you may follow (It is not must adhere to all the steps; this is for your reference only. You can apply your individual steps as well):


1)      Introduction

2)      Literature Review

3)      Methodology

4)      Analysis

       Sorting and organizing data

       Analyzing and drawing conclusions using data analytics and statistics tools

       Identify trends and patterns

       Measure tendencies, such as the average/mean, standard deviation, index numbers (percent change), correlations, Time series analysis etc.

5)      Conclusion

References (at least 05)

Notes from me: I would like to make comparisons between food chains, such as KFC vs McDonalds for example. Written in simple English. This is a Business Analytics course.