Comparison of Outfits throughout the 14-18th century

Professor’s instructions: Royal figures and well-to-do individuals of the 14th-18th centuries frequently had their portraits painted. Many of these paintings are held in major museums and can be found on websites.  Paintings, especially portraits, are a good source of visual images.  Create a comparison of images depicting people from each century and explain how their fashion reflects the social, economic and historical significance (categories).  You should include at least two images from each century per category.(roughly 25 images) The total amount of writing shouldn’t be more than 2.75 pages, images don’t count towards tthe word count for this assignment. So, write a few sentences for each comparison.

You will be able to collect the images from a variety of website sources (plus lots of others these days) including: (although you can gather info from other sources)
The Louvre Museum
National Gallery of Art
Museum of Costume UK
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Nicole Kipar Historical Reproductions
Elizabethan Costume Page
Mode HistoriqueHistorical Couture
The Costumers Manifesto,