Final Project

Applied Supercomputing Users (ASU) Inc. is at a cross-roads as an organization, their physical infrastructure is getting close to the end of its life and they have ever-growing capacity needs.  The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has determined that he wants ASU Inc. to leverage AWS for their infrastructure and phase out their physical infrastructure.

Your role in this project is as the consultant ASU Inc. has hired in order to create a proof of concept that cloud technology will be a viable replacement from the aspects of both computing as well as cost.  The following deliverables are expected by the CTO:

Final Project Paper

The first deliverable will be a 750-1000 word APA-formatted justification for the migration from a physical infrastructure to AWS, including: 

250 words explaining how ASU Inc. can minimize its costs when using the AWS platform

Some examples may include Reserved Instances, Instance Sizing, different types of storage and compute!

500 words explaining the process for migrating ASU Inc. from an internal infrastructure (private cloud) to AWS

This will require some research! There are a lot of great resources available on the internet for this and the textbook goes into it as well. You have flexibility here, the same kind of flexibility and adaptability is required when performing these jobs!

A screenshot of the “calculations page” of the AWS.calculator EC2 cost report showing the total costs of the infrastructure outlined below

ASU Inc’s infrastructure needs are estimated to be the following:

100 database (Microsoft SQL) Windows servers with 64GB of RAM and 4 CPU cores each

250 non-database Linux servers with 8GB of RAM and 2 CPU cores each

25 TB of S3 storage

Final Project Lab

The second deliverable is a “proof of concept” lab using the AWS Academy Learner Lab.

(Note: You must log in to AWS Academy Learner Labs and use that lab for this project! )

This proof of concept lab will show the CEO what AWS is capable of!  For your final project lab submission, you must submit evidence of having configured the following:

A security group called “lastname FP SG” with the following inbound security rules from Ports 22 (TCP), 80 (TCP/UDP), 3389 (TCP) and 443 (TCP)

2 micro instances running the OS Windows Server 2019 with the security group created above assigned to them.  Name the servers lastnameFP1 and lastnameFP2 in AWS.

Rename the servers in Windows to LastnameFP1 and lastnameFP2.

IIS 10.0 installed on both servers with a sample web page created using this how-to (CLICK HERE (Links to an external site.))

For reference, here is an additional how-to describing installing IIS on Server 2019 (CLICK HERE (Links to an external site.))

A load balancer called “lastnameFPLB” that is directed to port 80 on both of the web servers

Also include a screenshot of the “Targets” for the load balancer that shows both nodes (it is OK if they do not show healthy as long as you can access your website using the load balancer URL)

Include a screenshot showing accessing your webpage using the load balancer URL.  

A Route 53 DNS entry pointing at the Load Balancer DNS hostname using a domain name of “”

You will need to use the old Route 53 interface in order to create this entry

You will not be able to access this entry, you just need to show you created it

This will be an internal zone, you do not need to try to register it and make it external

CloudWatch metrics showing the resource utilization of both servers

A DynamoDB Table that contains the contact information of ASU., Inc’s customers

You only need a screenshot of the table in the AWS UI, you do not need to display it


LastPhone Number







As a note, every lab screenshot must reflect the naming conventions above.  Any deliverables without the naming conventions in the screenshots will not have credit reflected.  Additionally ALL screenshots must include your name on it either due to a named resource or because your AWS login is visible in the top right of the page.  Any screenshots without your name will not be counted toward your grade. Last, the list above is effectively the rubric for this assignment, make sure you have proof of each item in what you turn in!

Notes / Tips & Tricks

This assignment effectively combines most of the techniques learned from all labs this semester except this time you are using a real AWS account.  Make sure to reference the labs for explanations on how to configure each item!

Some research may be required on technical concepts that the labs did not cover, for example how to connect to a Windows EC2 instance or how to rename a Windows Server 2019 server.  As a cloud engineer, the internet is your greatest resource.  If you are struggling with a step, please post on the Community Forum or reach out to the instructor.

Make sure to review this page as well as the rubric to ensure you get full credit.  Consider reviewing your project as though you were the person grading it!

Turn off your EC2 instances when you are not actively working on them. If you do not, you might end up using up your educate credit too quickly.  If you have any problems with AWS credit please reach out to the instructor.

If you timeout when trying to RDP to your servers:

Do you have RDP rules in your security groups? Is your server in a subnet with a VPC Route table that has a default route to the internet gateway? ( to igw-#######)

If you timeout when trying to connect to your websites:

 Are both webservers working? Can you access the websites locally on the webservers themselves?  Do you have security groups in place?  Are the right ports open? Are the servers registered as targets in the load balancer?

When using RDP to connect to your servers (avoid Session Manager), make sure that you put a “.” in front of your username (.administrator).  This makes it so you are not trying to use your local credentials and are using the server credentials.  You will have this option under “more choices”.


Submit both files separately in Microsoft Word or PDF format. Name the files Final Project Lab Lastname and Final Project Paper Lastname.


Final Project Paper

Final Project Paper


This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWriting Prompts

The student met the length required, followed APAv7, their writing was free from mechanical errors, the writing was at a college level, in-text citations and references were used.

100 pts


The submission met or exceeded the requirements of this section.

90 pts


The submission did not meet 1 criteria.

80 pts


The submission did not meet 2 criteria.

70 pts

Less than Satisfactory

The submission did not meet 3 criteria.

50 pts


The student did not meet the requirements of the assignment.

0 pts


No submission was provided.

100 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeReferences

The student provided at least 5 references.

15 pts


The student provided 5 references or more.

12 pts


The student provided 4 references.

9 pts


The student provided 3 references.

6 pts

Less than Satisfactory

The student provided 2 references.

0 pts


The student provided 1 or less references OR they did not provide in-text citations for references (plagiarism).

15 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeLab Content

The student completed the requirements of the labwork and included the screenshots of the required deliverables.

135 pts


All screenshots were taken per the instructions and all steps were completed as demonstrated by the screenshots.

120 pts


All screenshots were taken per the instructions but one of the tasks was not completed.

105 pts


All screenshots were taken per the instructions but two of the tasks was not completed.

90 pts

Less than Satisfactory

Some screenshots were not taken per the instructions and/or three of the tasks was not completed.

0 pts


Instructions were not followed.

135 pts

Total Points: 250