Computer Parts

Explain the purpose of and identify computer components with devices that are necessary to have access to in everyday life for a business owner and incorporate an aesthetically pleasing table to identify device specifications into the document.  The more devices and accessories the merrier!  Minimum of six devices requirement.  Identify as many specifications as possible:

Device Name (i.e. laptop, PC, printer, monitor, etc.)
Operating System (i.e. Linux, Windows)
Make (i.e. Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc.)
Model (i.e. Optiplex 7020, Veriton Z6870G)
Type (i.e. x64-based PC, etc.)
Processor type with GHz (i.e. Intel Core i7-4790 CPU 3.60GHz, etc.)
Expansion slots (i.e. 4 memory slots, etc.)
RAM and motherboard capacity storage (i.e. 8GB, 16 GB, etc.)
Application Software (i.e. MS Ofice, Adobe, etc.)
Data Communications (i.e. Cloud based, Internet, IoT, etc.)


Design a cover page and identify:  project name, course, my name, date, group number and contributors ONLY
A minimum of three pages in addition to a neatly ordered inventory list.  DO NOT copy the specs table from the Internet.