Concert Review project

Concert Review Project & Research Paper

You will choose a classical music concert to attend. I will provide you with a list of approved concerts for which UIC will pay for your ticket. Also on this list will be free concerts performed on or near campus by UIC faculty and/or students. Additionally, there are many free options in Chicago. The Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Reader can both be excellent resources. You can also get discounted student tickets from organizations such as the Chicago Symphony.


There are two papers. Each paper must be two pages long, 1.5 spaced, Times New Roman, 10pt.


Research Paper:

Due Friday, February 18 at 5:00PM

After you have chosen your concert you will choose one piece from the concert you are attending to research. It is best to research that piece before you attend the concert. If you attend the concert before the research paper is due, the program notes for the concert will be a valuable resource. Make sure you save this and bring it home with you. 


You must research the composer and his life, his/her circumstances for composing the piece (commission? To dedicate to someone? For his or her own performance?), and the piece itself, i.e., what is its form, how was it received when premiered (did people like it?), and things such as what affect did it have on music.


Be certain to cite your sources.