Conducting Reliable Qualitative Research

Conducting Reliable Qualitative Research

Instructions for the content of the paper:

The essay has to describe and outline in detail the
steps (process) and elements of conducting a qualitative essay and has to
include the following points:

The essay must explain each one of the following

1.      Describe
a Research Problem and Research Question/s, addressing how and why they are
identified and developed.

2.      Describe
the Review of Literature, addressing why and how it is done.

3.      Explain
what design means in research.

4.      Describe
how the sample is selected in research and the significance of sample

5.      Explain
data collection for Qualitative Research, addressing various tools that may be

6.      Explain
data analysis in Qualitative Research, addressing how it may be done/what tools
may be used.

7.      Explain
reporting the qualitative study results, addressing how it may be done, and the
significance of reporting results.

Instruction for the essay format:

1.      A
requirement is that the essay must be plagiarism-free.

2.      The
paper must have an introduction and conclusion. 

3.      A
clear heading should separate each section of the paper. Titles must follow the
APA format.

4.      Support
ideas with at least four (4) citations – no more than 2017 to 2021.

5.      Be
sure to reference the citations using the APA writing style for the essay.

work should be written in an active voice, not using a passive voice in