Consensus Model Discussion

 Describe how allowing APRNs to have full practice authority affects (a) healthcare costs, (b) access to care, and (c) quality of care.  Discuss and support each required factor individually being sure to include current research data and examples for each. Your discussion must include how restricted practice affects each of the factors listed above. 
/2  Discuss the status of the APRN consensus model’s implementation in your home state, state of residence, or intended state of employment. This section should include all of the following: 

What title is used for advanced practice nurses in your state?  List each of the APRN roles that are recognized as well as any that are not. 
Is the term “licensure” used for APRN roles in your state?  If not, what term(s) are used?
Is a graduate or post graduate degree required in your state to practice in an advanced practice role? 
Is national certification required in your state to practice in an advanced practice role? 
Do APRN roles allow for independent practice in your state?  Not independent?  No authority? 
Do the APRN roles allow for independent prescribing in your state?  Not independent?  No authority? 

/3 Choose and discuss one (1) of the following related to current APRN policy issues: 

Discuss the cyclical relationship between the shortage of APRNs and the shortage of APRN preceptors. Substantiate the problem with current facts/statistics. Summarize examples of policies (state or national legislative or board of nursing) that could remove the identified barriers to finding a preceptor. 
Discuss how current payment/reimbursement models hinder the ability of providers and organizations to address health disparities. What changes in payment/reimbursement models are needed, and how do they address health disparities?
Discuss how inequality in broadband access affects access to and delivery of care. Describe how the lack of internet promotes or further highlights health inequities. 
Describe how occupational licensing hinders emergency response efforts. Discuss the various emergency occupation licensing reforms that have occurred as a result of the pandemic and compare their effectiveness.

/1.5  Identify and discuss legislation regarding the APRN role in your home state, state of residence, or intended state of employment: What legislation is currently proposed? What previous legislation has been successful? What previous legislation has failed? Include bill numbers and titles if named. Cite and reference legislation in APA format. 
/2 Summarize and share an example of nurses or APRNs successful participation in healthcare policy initiatives. These may be local, state, or federal examples and should be something other than the one provided in the keynote. Include a brief background on the issue, what the nurses did, and the outcome of their work.