constitutional law

1main post -you must select 2 topics from the chapter and summarize in depth

2) APA citation is required.

Upon completing this chapter, the students will be able to:

LO1 Compare and contrast the two prominent theories about the underlying purpose of law.

LO2 Show similarities and differences between two competing value systems (models) often identified when discussing the purpose of the criminal justice process.

LO3 Explain what the basic purpose of the American legal system is.

LO4 Recognize how common law began, what it is based on, and what it is synonymous with.

LO5 Understand the difference between a crime and a tort.

LO6 Name the components of a legal opinion.

LO7 Describe the levels on which the judicial system operates and what main functions are served by courts.

LO8 Identify the officers of the court.

LO9 Summarize the three doctrines that govern whether a case will be heard in court.