Construction management mid term

5 page (single spaced) paper on one of the Industry Sectors from the list below.  Pick the industry sector that you think you are most interested in or most likely to work in.  You must interview 3 different people that work in this industry sector as well as do research on your own.  This is for your own information so research the things that you want to know and put that into a 5 page paper that would explain that industry sector to someone who knows nothing about it.  Be sure to cite all your sources including your interviews.  You will be given 5 minutes to present your research to the class using whatever visual aids you desire, if any.
Grading – 30% research, 30% written presentation (content), 30% verbal presentation, 10% grammar
Industry Sector Choices – Single Family Residential, Multi-Family Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Civil, Hospitality, Medical