consumer behavior: brand and symbolic meanings

Describe one brand that you like the most. Connecting to what we have learned about the symbolic meaning ofconsumption, please explain the symbolic meanings you believe the brand has, and how this brand expresses animportant part of your self-concept. Notes – 
(1) Format: 1 page, Times New Roman, 12 font, and single-spaced. 
(2) When preparing and writing it, please use Word and save it as a PDF file when submitting it (i.e.,uploading to Blackboard). Please do NOT write it as a text file (i.e., .txt) or just copy and paste it intoBlackboard. (Treat this as a short essay, and you need to pay attention to formatting.) 
(3) You need to articulate your thoughts and understandings with details and examples. I expect your writeup to have a full one page in Word, single-spaced.