COVID 19 & Education

Essay 2English 1A
Topic- COVID 19 & Education. Provide catchy Title name keeping this topic in mind.
As college students, you have had plenty of educational experiences pre-COVID 19.  Your diverse classroom experiences from kindergarten until now form your history of education.  Since March 2020, this experience with education has drastically changed.  This essay requires you to think critically about these differences.

Essay 2 will be an argumentative essay on some element of this issue.
First, choose an educational level to focus on: Elementary, High School, College (they each provide different challenges)
Now, within this focus, narrow your topic.  Here are some possible angles:

Will COVID 19 forever alter the educational experience?
Benefits of virtual learning?
Long-term harmful effects of virtual learning?

Remember, however you construct your thesis, it must be debatable.  Choose a focus that interests you, and dont forget that your audience is people who disagree with you. Your task is to present clear, effective evidence to support your claims, which ultimately support your thesis.
Outside SourcesMinimum of four:

You must also include and directly quote at least two additional credible outside sources from the library database like EBSCo.

I have attached sample essay in file