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BIO 2 is one of the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) courses. Term paper assignment is the main part of WAC courses.
1. Subjects
–  New discovery or development about the topics related to BIO 2 course that is reported in a reliable newspaper, magazine or scientific journal. The articles about ecology, evolution, biodiversity, climate change, human impacts on ecosystem, viruses and bacteria etc.
–  The topic must be specific. You must find your main article, and you must start the work from a main article, and you must cite the main article in your reference list as the main article.
–  If you need, you can study a few closely related articles for your term paper.
–  The sources must be reliable ones such as PBS, National Geographic, Scientific America, NYT and so on. Personal blogs or the websites of some movement organizations can’t be a source.
2. Citation
–  You must cite articles, papers and websites properly using APA style.
–  Direct citation (using quotation mark) is not allowed.
–  Don’t use bibliography, use reference list.
–  Your reference list must include the main article.
3. Submission
–    You must upload your term paper (only docx or pdf format) to BlackBoard.
–    The SafeAssign overall matching (originality check) should be lower than 20%, and there shouldn’t be 100% identical sentences after plagiarism check. – You will have four chances for submission.
–    If your overall matching is more than 20%, fix the problems and submit again. There is no penalty for resubmission.
–    You can upload your reference list separately in “Add Comments” to reduce the overall matching.
–    We are using SafeAssign to learn how to avoid plagiarism and how to paraphrase, not to penalize plagiarism.
4. Due
–    Due 11/30, Tuesday, 11:59 PM.
–    Submission must be completed with lower than 20% of similarity before the due.
5. Format
–    Minimum 10 pages plus title and Reference
–    Title page, abstract, main discourse and Reference (Reference can be submitted separately in ‘Add Comment’ section) – Font size 12
–    Times New Roman font
–    Normal margin
–    Double spaced
6. Grading and Assessment Criteria
–    Total 64 points
–    Your term paper must be about a specific topic that was reported recently.
–    Your term paper must have at least one clear message.
–    Your term paper must be written clearly.
–    Your term paper must be coherent to the subject.
–    Your term paper must be grammatically correct.
–    You must follow the rule of APA format of citation.
–    You must follow the format of text.
–    You must not repeat the same contents multiple times in your term paper.
–    One business day of lateness will deduct 2 points.
–    Failure in following any instructions will cause deduction of 5 points.