Create an original one act play

Directions: Create an original one act play.  Consider some of the writing exercises we completed for homework and classwork and the writing prompt from Writing Down the Bones as a starting off point and write a play in one act. (Aim for about 4-5 pages of text, since dialog has spacing between characters…Use as many scenes as necessary…) 
Guideline: Aim for 2-3 characters for your one act play.  As part of the grade for this assignment, you will be presenting your part of your one act play on Voice Thread.  Therefore, aim to focus on two to three characters for the play and 2-3 minutes for the presentation.  

Consider some of the elements of fiction and drama that we have discussed in class.  
What is the conflict?  What problem must be resolved?  
How does the play have a beginning, middle and end in a short amount of time?  
What simple prop may be incorporated to add a visual component to the play? (No phones unless used minimally.)*
How do these characters communicate their problem? 
Is there any character who does not know what is happening? A lie can be an interesting problem to unpack in theater.
Remember, what is left unsaid can also be powerful in theater.  As jazz musician Miles Davis once said, You dont have to play every note.  Choose which notes or words to highlight and say.

*A note about phones as a prop: Do not create a play where the majority of the drama happens on the phone. Phones involve two people being in different places at one time and plays are about people interacting together in the same place at one time. A play is heightened action and reality. A phone takes some of the fun outIf you have a character seeing a text or having a phone conversation, be mindful how you will stage this so that the audience can enjoy the moment too.