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Develop: Academic Argument Essay Final Draft

Evaluation Title: Academic Argument Essay

For this assignment, you are submitting the final version of your academic argument essay. You began this process by creating an essay draft. The draft allowed you to develop your growing skills by using the principles of argument to advocate for a position on an issue. You used evidence to persuade your reader to see your point of view. This final version will display revision from the draft.

Estimated time to complete: 8 hours

Conduct research and write an argument essay about a change you would like to see in your community or workplace. 
This essay will:
be 5-7 pages, typed and double-spaced. 
the cover page and references page do not count toward the 5-7 pages. 
include at least 4 sources. At least two of those sources need to be scholarly sources from the online databases available through Universitys library.  
demonstrate revision from the draft.
follow APA conventions for documentation and formatting. 
APA guidelines will be covered in class, but you will need to refer to additional resources while writing, revising, and editing your essay. Purdue Universitys Online Writing Lab (OWL) or the APA manual are good resources for APA. 
A successful academic argument essay will meet the following criteria:
Introduction/background: The reader is drawn in by an attention-getter at the beginning of the introduction. Necessary background information is provided. There is a transition that leads from the attention-getter to the thesis. The thesis statement takes a clear position on a specific, controversial issue.
Development: Three to five clear reasons/main points support the thesis. Main points are developed with evidence that may include personal experience, observations, and research with at least two sources from the Herzing University library. At least four sources are incorporated into the text to support or challenge the main points. Source information is clearly introduced and commented on. Opposing views are anticipated and addressed.
Organization: The essay follows the classical argument structure discussed in class and on the assignment sheet. Ideas are organized and presented clearly by using strong topic sentences, concluding sentences, and transitions.
Presentation and style: The essay is formatted according to the guidelines in the syllabus and APA documentation guidelines. All sources are cited appropriately in text and on a references page. The tone and vocabulary used are appropriate for college-level academic writing. Writing is concise with varied sentence structure.
Grammar and mechanics: Errors in spelling, grammar, or mechanics are minimal and minor. The reader is not distracted by errors.