Crime in New York 1850-1950 Research Paper


Crime in New York1850-1950 Research Paper                 
QUESTION: How didthe crime/trial reflect the notion of what was criminal in that period and whatdoes it tell you about the culture at that time in US history? You will want togive a brief overview of the trial or crime (depending on your focus), but mostof your paper will be analysis and contextualization of the primary source inthe secondary sources. This is a1500-word-maximum research paper. This paper is analytical, notdescriptive. Therefore, do not give a lengthy account of the crime or the trial,rather address this main question.
Inthinking about the main question, bear in mind these smaller questions: How did this crime connect to largersociety and other events at that time? Was this an isolated incident orconnected to much larger events? What sectors of society did it involve? Howwas the crime either exemplar or peculiar to the changes in understandings ofwhat was criminal and what was legal at the time?
You musthave a thesis statement in your introduction paragraph (a single sentence thatsums up the main argument/point of your paper and provides an answer to yourmain research question. Do NOT rephrase the question; rather give the answer!)Each paragraph must start with an analytic topic sentence that connects back toand supports your thesis. See the grading rubric for a more thoroughunderstanding of how the paper will be graded.


The files attached have different purposes. There is the first draft which you go through and use for this paper. The files attached has 626 and 626_2 are the actual trial.  Trial summary and annonated bib were also done before so use them for the final paper however possible. Thank you!