Criminal article review

Please read the linked, August 28, 2020, article from the Bakersfield Californian titled, “DA rebukes judge’s dismissal of firearm enhancement” regarding the sentencing in the case of People v. Isaiah Marshal.  

Along with the reading from chapters one and two please answer the following questions:

  1. Is this case in federal or state court?
  2. What is the geographic jurisdiction of this court?
  3. Is this a trial court, appellate court, or court of last resort?
  4. Is this a court of general or limited jurisdiction?
  5. Is this a criminal or civil case?
  6. What was the  standard of proof at trial?
  7. Consider the terms judicial activism, critical legal studies, and legal realism and apply them to the sentencing.
  8. How is social control being used here, if at all?
  9. How does this inform your opinion about the role of the judge, prosecution, and defense