Criminal Justice Research

(file attached for the article) 

The focus of this week is understanding the different sampling techniques, the types of research they are used for, and the benefits and limitations of each one.  Using the research article for this week (Bornstein et al., 2017), respond to the following prompts (200 words minimum, per response). You can reference themes presented in both the textbook and article, with appropriate citations and summaries.

  1. In the article, Bornstein and colleagues discuss arguments for and against the use of jury simulations. Jury simulations are the use of individuals acting as mock jurors, rather than studying jurors directly (which can be hard to do). What are the benefits and limitations of using jury simulations for a sample, when it comes to both sampling and generalizability? Note: You do not have to follow the findings of the research article, but can use the findings to support your argument.