Criminal Mind Op-ed

From professor:

An Op-ed is an opinion editorial in a newspaper or magazine which expresses an author’s opinion on an issue. During the course of this class, you will examine cases where behavior, including criminal behavior, is tied with abnormalities in the brain. The brain controls senses, emotions, decision-making, and behavior, and behavior begins to unravel when the brain starts to unravel. Does this excuse culpability for criminals?  If you decide to do the criminal mind op-ed as your communications project, explain your opinion on this issue and suggest a new policy for how we should treat criminal minds where brain abnormalities are correlated with criminal activity.
Please check the rubric for how this assignment will be graded.  Here  Download Hereare some tips and considerations as your explain the rationale behind your proposed policy.

Note: for this project, it is expected to have both in-text citations as well as a works cited section.  Citations should be formatted as APA.  See (Links to an external site.) .  Note that the formatting depends on the type of source that you cite.  If you cite a journal article that you found online but a print version is available, it should be cited as a journal article under this style: