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In your post, include specific citations of the assigned videos   Pregnant and in Prison. [Do not summarize]
Use APA format (correct citation of video and readings)
Primary post should be 400 words.
Consider the following question: 

Do you think that being pregnant in prison is more punitive for the mothers or not? 
Identify which specific Critical Theory supports your answer.What are the elements of the theory, and how do the examples you choose from the film clips support your choice of theory?
Additionally, answer the following questions:Of the factors that Chesney-Lind and Pasko identify as creating a unique pathway to offending for women (see textbook chapter), which do you think is the most important in crime causation and why? Reference two women from the video clips to support your answer. 

Be certain to show that you have reviewed the course text, lectures, links and videos. Reference specific ideas from video presentations, as well as chapters and lecture material to support your ideas though comparison.