Critical review


The focus of this assignment is to critically review a theme, concept or idea covered in the course (based on the materials that have been attached in this order). It is intended to test ability to grasp key concepts, ideas, or themes covered in the course. As well, it is intended to help with the acquisition/enhancement of critical writing skills. The essay should be well organised, and able to engage the chosen concept, ideas, or themes in a clear, concise, coherent, and systematic manner. This essay will be evaluated based on grasp of the concept, idea or theme; its organisational and analytical clarity, as well as the ability to critical engage the ideas and comment on them.

READ THIS: The main concept of the essay is modernity’s racial capitalism which needs to be connected to racism and colonialism, as well as emergence of racialized development by using the articles I provided as evidence and proofs The essays should be about 1500-2000 words (i.e., between 5, and no more than 7 double-spaced pages), excluding the title page. USE ANY FOUR FILES BELOW AND COME UP WITH A COMMON THEME FROM THOSE. NO OUTSIDE RESOURCE REQUIRED.