critical thinking 3

This is the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Offender Orientation Handbook.  Each offender who enters the system receives a copy of this manual to ensure they understand the rules, opportunities and the general guidelines of the prison system.     Offender_Orientation_Handbook_English.pdf Offender_Orientation_Handbook_English.pdf – Alternative Formats    Take some time to review the table of contents and decide what topic interest you the most and that you would like to see more information. When you review the table of contents reflect on the topics and the amount of information being provided.    
Upon identifying your topic provide the following information:

1.  Your overall thoughts on the general content of the handbook.  Is it comprehensive or lacking?  Explain your answer either way.
2.  Provide a summary of the specific area you identified to further explore.  Do you think this area is covered well?
3.  Any other thoughts you have on the provisioin of an Offender Orientation Handbook.

Lastly, make sure you remember 3 topics of interest to you for future reference (exam).  You do not have provide the three topics in this assignment, but be prepared to recall them for the Exam.