critical thinking/metacognition

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Using the guidelines in the Chapter 3 Presentation following the slide, “Creating a Metacognitive Plan,” you need to create a learning plan for something that you want to accomplish like receiving a good grade on a project, major assignment, or test.
Post 1: Address the following topics in-depth (at least 150 words):

Section 1 – Describe the details of the assignment that you want to complete, so others can understand what you want to learn. Include any instructions given by your instructor or in your syllabus. For example, state that you want to write a compare/contrast paper for your English 201 course and provide the instructions given to you.
Section 2 – Write a goal statement using Bloom’s taxonomy. For example, “I want to write a compare/contrast essay and receive an A on it.”
Section 3 – Break down and identify all steps that you need to take to complete the assignment.
Section 4 – Outline a plan of action for completing each step.
Section 5 – Discuss learning strategies and resources that you will use to help you complete the project (refer to Chapter 3 of your textbook).