Critique essay

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Introductory First Paragraph1) Provide an opening sentence as the introduction to the draft essay on your chosen article.
2) Provide a THESIS STATEMENT—main argument/claim for the Critique Draft Essay about the chosen article.

Introduce author and article title in Second Paragraph with major point in support of thesis statement

Three to Five Paragraphs Supporting Paragraphs to Support Thesis Statement
1) Make use of sample notes in CONTENT for what is required, if this helps.
2) Analyze the reasons and evidence in the article: is the argument strong/weak? Make sure to use at least one strong quote.
3) Deal with issues of bias, fairness, and use of language: is the author fair-minded or not? Again, quote from the source.

Conclusion in Final Paragraph
1) Bring in thesis statement from the First Paragraph as part of your conclusion.
2) If relevant, provide one more closing sentence.