Cultural History Paper

A final draft of in
dividual cultural histories will be
: required that will incornorate mv critique
and the comments from vour writing groun
It should be & pages or more and make use of the
terms and language learned during the course of the semester as well as research on particular
groups. The final draft should have at least Six sources: vour interviews). two websites and
three traniona sources. More than fiVe sources are [email protected]… he bal arawas worn
55 points
Your cultural history papers should be about you and your cultural background. You can
focus on your family’s immigration story (include how it compares to your groups story),
vour cultural historv and its tradtions. Consider the economic and ltestvle decisions made bv
vour ancestors and how that affected our cultural heritage. Examine how other cultures and
societies affected your ancestors and how they helped or hindered the freedom to choos
Your approach to the
structure of the paper mav be historical or thematic and it 1s suggested
that vou concentrate on what vou know and can research
J Format notes
12 point font, double spaced
Stable all Dast:
Number pages
Itle page (litle of Paper. name, course number. semester and year)
References or works cited page