Culture and Your Sociological Imagination

First, provide me a single sentence that outlines a social problem you are aware of.

Next, I want you to provide me an idea of what personal problems and public issues contribute to this social problem.

Lastly, I want you to write me a paragraph explaining if the social problem you outlined is primarily a public issue or a private trouble. Include in this paragraph how you help solve the issue. You could discuss methods to help people change their behavior or new policies you would create to help society eradicate the issue all together. Use the supplemental material to help you formulate an argument.

Format Example:

Social Problem: Student’s inability to make it to 8:00am class meetings on time.
Personal trouble that could contribute to the problem: Students staying awake too long not waking up early enough to make it to school the following morning.
Public issue that could contribute to the problem:Traffic on 301 and 75 continually cause delays in students arrival to campus.
Discussion: The data I have collected among my 8:00am students indicate that the majority of students are late due to traffic on the interstates and highways. Asking them to simply wake up earlier does not solve the problem. Many students come from work to class and cannot leave earlier than they already do.  Instead I can vote in favor of numerous traffic reducing solutions the city of Tampa has proposed and is awaiting implementation. I could also go to town hall meetings and vocalize my concerns regarding the efficiency and safety of our roadways.
While these solutions will not completely solve the problem, they will help reduce it.