Cyber Security Methods and Techniques Essay


The aim of this deliverable is to apply the Cyber Security methods and techniques studied during the module to develop a solution to a business problem. The details of the business problem are as follows:
Queens medical centre is a community clinic and serves as the first point of call for any resident within the catchment area who happens to be unwell. The clinic has specialists in various areas of medicine. However, an appointment is required to schedule a consultation meeting with a specialist, which is done through a telephone call to the receptionist.
The clinic has been experiencing a high volume of calls, causing a lot of problems for residents to get access to care on time. Also, the management of Queens medical centre needs to plan to be able to respond to the rate of growth of the community population.
To address this problem, the clinic management has decided to acquire a web-based appointment and scheduling management information system (ASMIS). This will allow appointments to be booked online by prospective patients. The system will collect vital information from the patient to be able to determine which specialist is best to attend to a given case, considering the availability and workload of the specialist doctor.
The management of the clinic is concerned about the recent high rate of cybercrime and the government’s policy on patient data protection. The IT team at the clinic has been tasked to install a secured ASMIS. As the Cyber Security Officer on the team that manages the clinic’s IT systems, you are to advise the team on the potential cyber threats and how these can be mitigated.
So, you are to produce a report to management providing the following information:

Details of the benefits of the ASMIS as well as the potential problems including potential cyber threats to the system.
The report must include at least two UML diagrams.Each diagram should show aspects of the system and a threat modelling technique that can be used to identify and mitigate potential cyber threats
A background to the UML diagrams and modelling techniques, along with justifications for their use with supporting references.
The Cyber Security technologies that can be used to address the problem, discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the solutions with references to examples in which the technology has been employed.

Word limit 2,000 words.
Learning Outcomes

Appraise critically and apply the concepts and principles of secured object-oriented design to facilitate business security-based decisions