Cybersecurity Executive Summary

Cybersecurity Executive Summary
The goal of this project is to create an executive summary on current cybersecurity issues.
The topic is cybersecurity.  
You are an employee and have been asked by your manager to research recent cybersecurity attacks and report back on the following:

Explain the importance of cybersecurity
Identify a recent cybersecurity attack
Explain how the attack occurred
Explain the impact of the attack
Lessons learned from the attack
Explain how an organization can mitigate its risk of a cybersecurity attack

Your boss and other business executives.
Imagine that your boss wants to learn about cybersecurity issues and thinks your company should look into recent cybersecurity attacks to learn from them; thus, you are tasked with researching and presenting your finding back to management.
You will create the following:

An executive summary of a cybersecurity attack

Standards for Success
The executive summary should include the following:

Using the Sample executive summary template (Links to an external site.), create an executive summary of your emerging technology.
Length:  600 words (approximately)
Content: Content should include:   – Overview of the current cybersecurity issues   – Identify a recent cybersecurity attack   – Explain how the attack occurred   – Explain the organizational impact from the attack   – Lessons learned from the attack   – How to mitigate cybersecurity attacks
References – Include at least 2 references