Database management Discussion 3- response

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What is Cloud data management?  An article by Brien Posey on
Cloud data management allows you to store a companys data off site on a vendor server that specialized in cloud-based storage. It allows you to manage data with paired with on-site data storage or to replace on-site storage. It allows you to share the data between private and public clouds and on-site storage.
Cloud data management is a way to manage data across cloud platforms, either with or instead of on-premises storage. The cloud is useful as a data storage tier for disaster recovery, backup and long-term archiving (Posey. Brien 2021).
The Benefits of Cloud Data Management:
There are many benefits of cloud data management:

Pay as you go pricing- Which allows you to pay per gigabyte rather than paying for on-site storage options
Scalability-  Allows you to increase storage at any given time, so organizations will not have to worry about running out of space.
Zero maintenance: Cloud vendors provide all the required maintenance such as upgrades and firmware updates
Cloud storage may be more secure:  Providers invest largely in data security
Automated back ups- Some cloud providers automatically back up data stored in the cloud
Single data set:  Allows to eliminate duplicate data, and eliminating inconsistencies which allows storages costs to be saved

The Challenges of Cloud Data Management:

Costs- Storing large amounts of databases can be expensive.
Data egress fees:  Most providers charge a data egress fee should they move their data out of the cloud
Data Integrity:  Need a way of ensuring integrity by avoiding duplication and resolving conflicts between data conflicts
Security:  Its up to each organization to establish data access policies

This article provided excellent reasoning as to why or why not an organization would use Cloud data storage.  Cloud datas benefits outweigh the risks when it comes to its scalability, and pricing. Although vendors pay charge a fee to leave the cloud, it is up to the organization to determine prior to implementing cloud storage to see if this is a temporary vendor or if it will be permanent. If it is to be a long-term vendor, the fees may not be seen as a challenge along with the option to increase storage at any time and no maintenance, in comparison to the high costs of purchasing physical hardware on an on-site location and having to be responsible for that equipments maintenance.

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