Death of Hector (greek history)

CONTENT (12%), the following questions must be addressed as part of a *flowing* essay, not question-by-question:
Authority (3%):       – Who or what created this source?      – How exactly is this known?      – What is the context or background of the source?
Perspective (3%):      – Is the authorial voice clear or is a character speaking?      – Whose viewpoint(s) are represented in the source?      – Does the source leave out alternative perspectives? Whose are not being heard?  
Argument (3%):      – What are the author’s/speaker’s claim(s) or position(s)?      – Is this fact or opinion? In other words, how accurate is it and why?      – Are there any identifiable flaws in presentation or in logic and how so?
Impact (3%):      – What was the historical impact of this source, i.e. its effect on contemporary Greek history or Greek history over the longer term?      – How has this source been received by historians?      – How does it resonate with you and why?