dental hygiene

 Part 1: Introduce your research question

Introduction: My research question is focused on how and why poor oral hygiene habits contribute to the  periodontal disease.  It seems like there could be serious consequences as a result.  I decided to develop a research question to help me learn more –   How does poor brushing and flossing contribute to the development of periodontal disease?

Part 2: Use the Required Sources

You will choose 5 of the library sourcesyou already found in previous assignments to create your  Final Project: Annotated Bibliography (100 pts). You will need to have the following 5 sources: 

– 1 book or ebook
– 1 newspaper article
– 1 magazine article
– 1 scholarly article
– 1 source for your choice.

Part 3: MLA Citations 
Use the database cite tool and copy/paste the MLA citation into a Word document. As the author of your work, you need to make sure your citations are correct. 
Watch out for database citations that are incorrect.  Double check they are correct before you submit your final project!

One area they get it wrong is capitalization.

Sometimes you’ll see a title where only the first letter of the word in the title is capitalized. This is correct for APA citations, but incorrect for MLA. In MLA, the first letter of each of the main words in the title should be capitalized. 
Sometimes you’ll see either a title or author written in ALL CAPS. This is wrong. Only the first letter in each word should be capitalized. The rest lowercase. 

Another thing to watch for AFTER you paste the citation into your paper –italics. Journal title and database names must be in italics. This often happens after you paste into your paper
Note the double-spacing and the indentions (hanging indents).

DOUBLE-CHECK your citations using Taft College Library’s MLA Style Guide — 
Part 4. Annotations   
Your annotation should follow the format you learned in the Module 5 assignment  – the 

Summary:  “This book/article describes _________________”
Evaluation:  “The author is ________________ (describe job/position/education)”
Reflection: “This article helps me address/answer my research question by_______________”

Your annotation must be 100% your own words and writing style! Do not copy/paste from any part of your articles. Changing a word or even a few words in a sentence is still plagiarism. Plagiarism can result in a grade of zero (0) or even failing the class.  
Part 5: Overall Formatting

The list should be in alphabetical orderaccording to author’s last name, or if there is no author, the title of the source
All citations and annotations should be double-spaced.
Indent the second line and all following lines in your citation and annotation. this is known as a hanging indent. These are part of writing a paper in They are important to the appearance of your paper.