Describe the value of employing summer interns in a formal internship program within your professional or field.

Using the format discussed, prepare a researched report on one of the topics, below. Write your report as if you were working in the field or industry of your choice (e.g., hospitality, restaurants, finance, visual design, etc.). Your target audience is someone above you in a working environment (a focused reader interested in this and only this topic), but it also includes a wider audience (with varying interests, including how this report impacts their jobs). You are presenting your data and conclusions but making no recommendations. You may include visual aids such as charts or graphs in the report, but they should be accurate and used only where they present information more effectively or efficiently than words.

There are two attachment files, one is the template and the other is the ideas that I want you to include in this report. Use the attached file as a sample and please edit the assignment to be the same as it. No need for an introduction page, images have to be high quality and clear. Please read the instruction above carefully before getting into the report. 

P/s: The report has to be done before 8:00 AM November 8th Pacific Time