descriptive statistics

Section 1: Histograms for Visual Interpretation

Using the final and gender variables in your  data set, create two histograms and paste them into your Word document:

SPSS Variables and Definitions
SPSS Variable Definition
Gender female =1; male =2
Final final exam: number of correct answers


  • A histogram for male students.
  • A histogram for female students.

In addition, briefly describe what a visual inspection of this output tells you about the nature of the curves.

Section 2: Calculate Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion

Using the  file, compute descriptive statistics, including mean, standard deviation, skewness, and kurtosis for gpa and quiz3.

SPSS Variables and Definitions
SPSS Variable Definition
GPA Previous grade point average
Quiz3 Quiz 3: number of correct answers

Create one descriptive table for GPA and quiz3. In addition, briefly describe what skewness and kurtosis tell you about these data with regard to normality.

Submit both sections of your assessment as an attached Word document.