Design for the outdoors(app interface, user experience, outdoor equipment)

Master of Fine Art Major: Graphic Design with a focus on user interface and user experienceIn general, the thesis is linked with an individual project. My individual project is titled with ‘redesign the outdoors’, mainly indicates designing an app that helps outdoor fans prepare outdoor equipment for a specific trips to region with extreme weather. With that being said, I need to prepare a 50 page thesis to tell my personal experience with outdoor, like why i choose this topic and what is my connection between it, the content should be artistic instead of logistic. And also the thesis should include why having an outdoor theme app is helpful for outdoor fans, for example, people die in trips to extremely cold region, if they make full prepartion before the trip, they will be safe home. So for the content I’m look for:
1. Personal linkage with outdoors. must have: my dad runs an outdoor equipment factory, i use to sleep in the sample tent in the factory, when i grow older i go on outdoor trips with classmates, when i get to college i host outdoor clubs, etc. 
2. The app, why is it necessary and why is it helpful, also spend time research on interface design, need to use large paragraphs to describe outdoor fans PERSONA and TRAVEL Roadmap, what kind of interface satisfies them the best.

The docs(5000words one) I upload is something that is a FAILED expamle of essay that I assigned to a friend. The most important thing of the essay is to stick with DESIGN and ART, i don’t want data or numbers in the essay. 
The video I upload is a project that has connection with the thesis, you could see it as an inspiration of the writing content.
The other material I upload like thesis outline and thesis proposal, that are the things you can take a look but they all dated. The newest directoin will be exactly the content shown in the video. Reason I’m showing you these docs to you is to let you have a sense about what my major is and how my ideas shift around the theme”Design the outdoors”

Please stick the content style with my major, which is a combination of creativity, arts, graphics, story-telling, user experience instead of data and revenue and logics.