Findarticles that are both relevant to the topic and add real world insight tothe application.   Note that these must be academic journal articles and should, ifpossible, come from one of the resources listed below.  You should prepare a one-pagecover sheet that includes your name, the course name, title and author of thearticle, publication source and date of publication (article information shouldbe in APA format).  Additionally, youmust review this article.  Your reviewmust be no less than one page in length and no greater than 2 pages.  It should summarize the article in the firstparagraph.  The next two or moreparagraphs should explain what you learned from the article and why you thoughtit was important to the field of operations management.

The list of suggested sources is as follows, in no particularorder:

Decision Sciences

Journal of Operations Management

Journal of Business Forecasting

Management Quarterly

Production and Inventory Management Journal

Management Science

Manufacturing Engineering

Business Horizons

Harvard Business Review

Academy of Management Journal


International Journal of Purchasing & MaterialsManagement

Journal of the Operations Research Society