Design Thinking

REQUIRED TEXT: Title Design for Six Sigma in
Technology and Product Development Authors Clyde M. Creveling, Jeff Slutsky,
Dave Antis Edition 13, illustrated Publisher Prentice Hall, 2003 ISBN
0130092231, 9780130092236
Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation: What They Can’t Teach You at Business
or Design School Author Idris Mootee Publisher John Wiley & Sons, 2013 ISBN
1118748689, 9781118748688
Title Lean Vs. Agile Vs. Design Thinking:
What You Really Need to Know to Build High Performing Digital Product Teams
Author Jeff Gothelf Publisher Sense & Respond Press, 2017 ISBN 0999476912,
Class name:  Design
Thinking GE 5093.OL2
Please answer the question at least 275 word answer:
Week 4 :
Describe two
of the 8 deadly wastes per Lean terminology.  Where have you seen these
two wastes in your everyday life (work or leisure)? What would you suggest for
reduction or removal of the wastes identified?