Designing Methods for Research Involving a Construct

Lesson 3 Lab (25 points) 
Designing Methods for Research Involving a Construct 
In this lab you will be designing the methods for a research study involving a construct.
Using at least 300 words create a research plan using one of the following topics:

or social anxiety.

The paper needs to be in APA format with a cover page and a reference page. Include the following:

What is the purpose of your study?
What is the hypothesis?
Identify the variables.
What are their operational definitions?
What tools will be used for measurement?
What level of measurement is required for your variables? Explain.
Identify a possible issue with reliability or validity.
How it can affect your results?

Submit your Lab 3 paper in two places: the following TurnItIn link and the Lesson 3 Lab link for this lesson.

Upload your work to (the plagiarism detection service). See your course announcements for detailed instructions on creating an account.

Using APA citation style, include a list of sources, with active links to online sources or complete steps to access the sources from a database, so your instructor can access the original articles.
For all lessons, submissions without this information will not be graded.
Additional Resources:
Basic Guidelines for APA Formatting
A Guide to APA Citation Style

The following is a template you may use to complete this assignment: Lab_3_Template.docx