Digital Culture in Business

Directions: First, watch the video “Get Your Twitter Followers to Engage Without Spamming Them ( This will help you think about how we can analyze influence online (its more complicated than just followers!) For your writing, you should compare two people of your choosing on Twitter. Both of them should be working in a similar field, e.g. two television presenters, two female comedians, two rappers, two fashion models, two business leaders or two authors. Which one do you feel has the most influence on the Twitter platform? 

Numbers Analysis: Using several specific examples, you should quantify their influence in terms of numbers, e.g. followers, tweets, likes, and retweets, replies. What are typical numbers for them, and what are the most useful examples to explain their profile? 

Content Analysis: You should also examine what kind of tweets do they post, on what topics, and what kind of engagement do they get from other people? Are the replies thoughtful? And are they connecting with influential people, people in their field or important institutions? 

Citations: You should include 2 citations of the textbook in your writing, and 2 citations of reputable sources (to provide information on your chosen people).