Discuss Solomons notion of spiritual passions.

Solomon’s notion of “spiritual” passions. In what sense might erotic love
and/or reverence be “spiritual” passions? What does Solomon think they
contribute to the spiritual life? Are there other important “spiritual”
passions Solomon doesn’t address here? 

Essays must have a clear
structure, including an introductory paragraph with a clear and compelling
framing of your purpose that grabs the reader’s attention (beyond just
saying you are answering a question for an assignment); a body (roughly
2-3 paragraphs) responding to the relevant question and thereby developing your
main point(s), and a concluding paragraph summarizing your point(s) and the
significance of your short essay. Each essay must utilize at least one
quotation or clearly paraphrase an idea from our readings to bring out
the perspective of the source material. But be careful not to overuse
quotations from our text: the vast majority of the words in your essay should
be your own, not quotes. Essays must follow the citation and formatting
instructions provided below.Plagiarism
will not be tolerated and will result in immediate failure of the assignment,
and possible further consequences.